About Price

We make the fastest payments in the industry. For every sale you make, you get paid within the next 10-15 business days. You decide the price of your products and we charge you a small fee on the successful orders you make.

Price Calculation Example

Item Amount(RS)
Selling Price (decided by you) 1000
Selling Commission (varies across products) 50 (assuming 5%)
Shipping Fee (Local) 30
Fixed closing Fee 10
Total Marketplace Fee 60
Service Tax (15% of Marketplace Fee including Swachh Bharat & Krishi Kalyan cess) 9
Total deductions 159
Settlement Value (Amount credited to you) 841

Shipping Fee

To ensure ease of selling and the best possible customer experience, we mandate delivery to all customers via our logistics partners and deduct the shipping cost from the selling price before making a payment to you.

Shipping fee is calculated on actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. This is to account for items which are lightweight but occupy a lot of shipping space.

Volumetric weight is calculated as below.

"Volumetric Weight (kg) = L*B*H (Length x Breadth x Height)/6000 where LBH are in cm"

The following rates are exclusive of all taxes.

Weight slab Local (Intracity) in Rs. Zonal (Intrazone) in Rs. National (Interzone) in Rs.
0 to 500gms 30 45 65
Every additional 500 gms, upto 5 Kg 35 35 45
Every additional 1 kg, upto 12 Kg 5 10 20
Every additional 2 kg, beyond 12 Kg 10 10 20

Local (Intracity): Item shipped within a city.

Zonal (Intrazone): Item shipped within the borders of a zone (North, South, East, West)

National (Interzone): Item shipped across zones